Bronze - Stainless Steel - Blown Glass - Rosewood - 75"x 40"x 3"

The "Passage" wall sculpture represents life's journey.

Description of the elements:

The Bridge - Each bronze tile represents another moment in time, evolving steps along the journey. Our approach, depth and positions viewed from particular points along the way.

The Eye - The ever constant sun is above driving us to see what lies beyond the horizon and creating outstanding questions to be explored, advancing our understanding of the dimensions of time and the promise of future events.

The Windows of the Universe - When looking through the portals we are opening up and reshaping our capacity for imagination. Creating cognitive development, dexterity, exploration, advancing understanding and defining our identity.

The Rosewood - There are times when we are free from trouble and difficulty and we slide gracefully up and down curiously smooth surfaces. Emotionally we lose appreciation for how difficult events in life can be.

The Brier - Often we find ourselves in a maze of difficult situations seeking for the best route and solutions to find our way out.

The Pyramid - The pyramid elevates our imagination to the idea of a larger power of transformation. It makes us appreciate what it means to be human. We all have this innate curiosity to climb, to search, to advance understanding and find awareness from the vantage viewpoint of the apex.